Functions of the Apostle and Prophet by Prophet Roderick Evans

The following excerpt is from Prophet Roderick Evans Books. He is a great man of God and has written numerous books. 

Functions Of the Apostle and Prophet- Summary from Prophet Roderick Evans- Investigate his expansive library- great teaching tools. I interviewed him on Top Of The Morning last Spring..


Functions of the Apostle

  1. Preach & Teach the Word of God (I Tim. 2:7). Apostles are gifted to preach and/or teach the word of God under divine inspiration and authority. They are anointed to make known the mysteries of God through the Word. This is performed with boldness and sobriety.
  2. Impart Spiritual Gifts (Acts 8:17; Romans 1:11; II Tim. 1:6). Apostles have the ability to bring forth the gifts of God in believers.
  3. Establish and/or Oversee Churches and Organizations. Because apostles are sent with a divine message, God uses some to start organizations as vehicles to present their messages. In addition, apostles will start new churches and ministries in areas where they are sent to preach.
  4. Evangelize. Every apostle has a message. Apostles are gifted to go into areas that have not been open to the gospel or areas that are stagnant. Jesus sent the original twelve out to preach. Every apostle will function as an evangelist, whether to the Church (to bring balance and order) or to the Lost (for redemption and salvation).
  5. Raise Up Leaders (Acts 15:39; II Tim. 2:1-2; Acts 6:3-6).
  6. Expose False Apostles & Doctrine.
  7. Perform Signs, Wonders, Healings, & Miracles. The apostle has a miraculous ministry.
  8. Lay Spiritual Foundations in the Church. Apostles have the authority and anointing to lay spiritual foundations in the Church.
  9. Establish Churches in the Faith (Gospel). Apostles have the unique ability to bring people back to the purity of the faith. They are able to instruct babes in Christ until they become mature in their personal relationships with God and in their doctrinal beliefs. They can promote stability and growth in the Body of Christ.



Roderick L. Evans (2005-02-02). The Apostolic Ministry: Exploring The Apostolic Office And Gift  Kingdom Builders Publishing. Kindle Edition.


Nine Functions of the Prophet

  1. Preach/Teach the Word of God.
  2. Serve as Intercessors. Prophets serve as powerful intercessors. They have an awesome burden to see the will of God. Prophets will pray for extended times and periods.
  3. Lay Spiritual Foundations. Prophets have the authority and anointing to lay spiritual foundations in the Church.
  4. Reveal/Impart Spiritual Gifts (I Timothy 4:14).
  5. Prophesy (Acts 11:27-28). Prophets are divinely gifted to prophesy. Their prophecies will be of a greater depth and clarity than other believers who have the gift of prophecy. They will prophesy frequently and accurately. They will have a consistent track record of prophetic words that are true. This is the foundation of their ministry. Though they will intercede, pray, and preach, prophesying is their first priority.
  6. Interpret Signs, Wonders, Dreams, and Visions. Prophets are gifted to interpret the supernatural manifestations of God.
  7. Expose False Prophets and Doctrines. Prophets are stewards of the mysteries of God.
  8. Performs Signs, Wonders and Healings. Prophets will have signs and wonders in their ministry.
  9. Establish Believers, Churches, and Organizations in the Faith and Will of God. Prophets have the chore to bring the people back to the purity of the faith.


Roderick L. Evans (2011-01-13). If They Be Prophets: An Examination of the Prophetic Office and Gift  Kingdom Builders Publishing. Kindle Edition.



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