THE EMPOWERMENT ZONE BLOG: A TIMELY WORD TO ENCOURAGE, EXHORT AND EDIFY:Vol 5, Blog 4- OPINION BLOG-Practices that should be discontinued in the Black Holiness Church(US)


This is an Opinion Blog written to challenge myself and to challenge others to give serious thought to some practices in the Black Pentecostal church that need to stop. For this blog, I am using generalities about the African American Pentecostal experience in the United States. It is simply my opinion based upon years of observation. Its a blog…

The perpetuation of certain practices in the African-American Pentecostal Church need to stop in my generation.

Doc….saying Doc needs to be banned!!!!!!!

1) The careless use or assignment of “Dr” is an embarrassment and is not TRUTHFUL! If you have not earned or have not been granted an Honorary degree, please stop.

Conference and Convention presenters/speakers should be more inclusive… 

2) The Holy Ghost gives us wisdom. Use wisdom when planning and promoting events and conferences. (The appeal/ attractive factor) Study demographics of the location of your ministry, what are the future projections, what should you plan for? MANY OF YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL FOR EXPLOSIVE GROWTH FOR MULTI-ETHNIC, MULTI-LINGUAL Congregations. The all male Line-up of presenters at conferences when the audience is 70% female, not good. Similarly, an all African-American line- up at a conference with participants from different ethnic backgrounds is not good. I am not talking diversity just for looks, but be sensitive to the environment, invite a diverse group to the table for discussion. How…..this can be achieved by the following methods: ( these are some suggestions) a)Roundtable discussions and committees, b) survey your current participants for their expertise and skills, then manage the talent to build and to sustain your organization, (do you know who is in your crowd). Don’t appoint friends, family or those you owe favors to, if They are not qualified. Don’t perpetuate certain practices….it needs to stop.

Dr Fay Maureen..

© DR. Fay Maureen Butler, 2014, Huldahs House Ministries Inc, Word Press


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