THE EMPOWERMENT ZONE BLOG:7 Strategies to Experience Kairos time,Vol 8, Blog 4

7 Strategies to Experience Kairos time

Experience Kairos Time-“Gods Opportune Time”

Strategy 1-Acquisition of Knowledge Points

Acquire a sophisticated understanding of these three points of Knowledge
a) Gods exists outside of our application of time-his ways are higher than our ways
b) The meaning of Chronos Time
c) The Meaning of Kairos Time

Strategy 2-Everyday Matters

Establish a routine for the 5 spiritual basics
a) Your prayer watch/time
b) Reading the Word
c) Study the Word

Every week
d) Observe Fast days weekly
e) Church attendance and participation

Strategy 3– In All Thy Ways

Set spiritual and natural goals as you seek God
a) Seek the kingdom of God
b) Get busy planning or participating in activities concerning kingdom building
c) Set Life, Career, Financial, Health and Wellness Goals

Strategy 4-Discover your Passion and hidden talents
Stir Up and Activate the hidden talents or Unwrapped Gifts
a) By getting busy and seeking God, he will direct you to the areas where your gifts will be nurtured
b) In the secular, pay attention to those areas where you always excel, discover your hidden and unused talents

Strategy 5– Listen and be Silent

Two activities that must be part of this journey
a) Allow time and space for reevaluation and assessment from a God perspective

b) Stand still, listen to new instructions and make progress

Strategy number 6– Handle with Care

Handle with Great Care, the season or seasons of shifting and transition from Chronos and Kairos-3 high level skills needed- ask God to help you master these:
a) Discernment of spiritual matters
b) Wisdom-Ability to make best decision(s) at the right time
c) Patience-Ability to stand back and wait on God

Strategy 7– Maximizing Preparation to Meet God’s Opportune Time

Maximizing Kairos- Gods Opportune time

Seize the moment(s)- Act accordingly as God Strategically and purposefully creates moments- Four skills required:
a) Ability to understand the difference between an open door and a key to an open door
b) God pleasing Faith- There is no place for Fear at this level
c) Spiritual tenacity-Never lose hope
d) Endurance – to handle natural and spiritual demands.

© DR. Fay Maureen Butler, 2014, Huldahs House Ministries Inc, Word Press


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