THE EMPOWERMENT ZONE BLOG: The Church is in Trouble.. The Short Series.. Vol 8, Blog 10

The church is in Trouble …


We will pack out a funeral, we will run to hear the latest “wonder on the circuit” but when your Pastor calls for a prayer meeting…excuses…or when the Pastor pushes the bible teaching or foundational sessions during midweek or Sunday School….excuses….God honors faithfulness….if you can’t SERVE your Pastor faithfully for even 6 months through all seasons….you will BEGET WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN….YOUR CONSISTENT INCONSISTENCY…….WILL FIND YOU WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT..

The church is in Trouble …


Sad…….we (the Black Church- forgive me for generalizing)…..are so title and image driven…. First Bishop was the thing to be, then Prophet, then the rise of “Fake Drs”… we have taken Apostle and gone crazy…MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN. From Calling to Commissioning is a process..Has God SENT YOU? Before BODLY ADVERTISING you are “designate or Elect”…understand what you are saying. Finally, it is 2015.. You can go to school anywhere either in person/ online or a combination. You embarrass yourself and your CREDIBILITY is questioned when you have a big title or a fake Doctoral degree and your social media updates are consistently error filled and incomprehensible. It seems as if there is a spirit of competition, jealousy and “let me see what you can do” and I can do better… Meanwhile souls are dying, every agenda except Gods agenda is being pushed. We must do better..

The Church is in Trouble


The church is in trouble…..signs of the great falling away…1. .compromise with worldliness abounds, 2. saints cursing on the regular 3. the number of services we attend weekly amount to an average of 1.5 hours,4. Folk are not well versed in the word, 5. False ministers are leading people astray with doctrine that promotes them and money and says little about the Lordship of Jesus Christ…6. more concern about titles and ceremonies than souls…..7. No power/ no discernment… evil doers/ evil workers easily infiltrate our congregations and we dont know until the damage is done 8. Many churches are just plain dead and dry…. and dont even know it

The Church is in Trouble 


The works of the Flesh must be bound, and be brought under subjection… In the church world, Lasciviousness and lewd actions and disregard for public decency on social networking sites is growing…Fasting coupled with strategic, timely, effective prayer is needed. An army must arise.. That is not afraid of the kingdom of darkness, not afraid to cry aloud, an army who will fast, pray and be faithful.. I am really going to get in trouble now with the next statement…

The church needs help … When we can celebrate and promote promiscuity, soft pornography and dysfunctional family lifestyles by “over the top discussions”of “storylines” from some weekly shows yet can’t see what is in front of our eyes… We are in trouble.. Yell at me, unfriend me if you must… We are in trouble…



© Dr. Fay Maureen Butler, 2015, Huldahs House Ministries Inc, Word Press

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