Don’t despise what feels/looks like THE CAVE EXPERIENCE….

Fear to FAITH

Ministry Growth

1ST Samuel 22 tells a remarkable story. Read 1st Samuel 21 First… David was on the run from Saul, and was sore afraid of ACHISH…He escaped to a CAVE.. Not a 4 star hotel.. His family gathered to him and verse 2 says that EVERYONE in DISTRESS, IN DEBT, and DISCONTENTED……GATHERED themselves to David.. about 400 men..( maybe the same 400 who later helped him pursue the Amalekites and recover all, remember 200 men were left behind at Brook Besor-just a thought- 1st Samuel 30) ANYWAY, THIS GROUP of men had issues,challenges and problems.. as did David.. David took care of his parents first (vs3) and then was instructed by the Prophet not to abide there.. WHAT WE KNOW IS THAT DAVID TOOK THIS GROUP AND MOLDED THEM INTO A GROUP OF FEROCIOUS WARRIORS….

Leaders, …don’t despise or misinterpret why you got to “THE CAVE”  or be disgruntled while you are there…there is great potential for ministry GROWTH IN THE CAVE Soldiers.. gather where God sends you..dont worry about the challenges you now face or what the cave looks like and who is there.. GOD KNOWS who he needs for that “warrior unit”/ intercessory group/creative arts team/ administrative staff…etc….

He is preparing you for GREAT EXPLOITS AND MANY Victories.



© Dr. Fay Maureen Butler, 2015, Huldahs House Ministries Inc, Word Press


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