Storms…Three perspectives ..


There are storms that God warns us about and gives us time to prepare if we listen…we go through the storm with minimal negative outcomes. We still must go through the storm…


There are storms God not only warns us about but re-routes us, re-directs us or removes the obstacle, challenge, enemy, calamity from our pathway .. We may not realize until much later just what kind of storm we avoided.


Then there are those storms where we have no idea…a sudden blizzard, hurricane, no warning… It could be fatal accidents of loved ones, destruction of property, loss of employment, a terrible diagnosis and what comes with the bad news….Whatever the case…these storms knock you down, make you cry, send you into a tailspin ….but …when you trust God …you learn to cry but don’t stay there.. You get up and perhaps each day is a little better…the thing with these storms is to hold on even if it is to a small piece of the broken ship, HOLD ON, TREAD WATER , Swim a little, tread water and then one day… You have reached the shore…. Ask me how I know…NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD..Be Encouraged






© Dr. Fay Maureen Butler, 2016, Huldahs House Ministries Inc,


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